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Business and Partnership Inquiries

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Join Us in Revolutionizing Social Connections and Outings

At Konectr, we're constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the experiences of our community. This is where your business comes in. If you're looking to amplify your reach, engage with a vibrant audience, and be part of a movement that redefines social interactions, we're keen to collaborate.

Why Partner with Konectr?

  • Customized Business Pages: We offer businesses the opportunity to create their own pages on our platform. This isn't just a listing; it's a space where you can showcase your unique offerings, events, and experiences.

  • Event-Based Matching: Imagine having your venue as the chosen spot where our users plan their outings. Konectr can match individuals based on their interests, making your business the go-to place for like-minded people to meet and enjoy what you offer.

  • Community Engagement: Being part of Konectr means more than just visibility. It's about engaging with a community that values discovery and connection. Host events, offer special deals, or simply be the spot where memorable meetups happen.

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Why Partner with Konectr?


Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars

Become the place where food lovers or coffee enthusiasts gather for a Konectr meet-up.


Art Galleries, Museums, and Cultural Centers

Attract art aficionados and culture seekers looking for companions to explore your exhibitions.


Entertainment and Recreation Venues

From concert halls to adventure parks, become the preferred venue for groups seeking fun and entertainment.

Let's Create Experiences Together

Your business has something unique, and we have a community eager to explore. By partnering with Konectr, you open the doors to not just increased foot traffic, but to becoming a significant part of our users' social experiences.
For business inquiries and to discuss partnership opportunities, please reach out to us at [business inquiry email]. Let’s collaborate to create unforgettable experiences and bring people together in exciting, new ways.

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